WorkSTEPS testing evaluates an employee’s ability to perform essential job functions and identifies any pre-existing conditions that may place the employee at medical risk within a specific job. Employers are provided with all test results and a capable / not capable recommendation within 24 hours.

Functional Employment Testing:

     • Reduces work-related injury and losses associated with lost time, worker replacement, and lost productivity

     • Identifies applicants that do not meet the physical demands of the job

     • Decreases turnover rates

     • Reduces work comp claims & lost time

     • Reduces group insurance costs

     • Assists employers in appropriately matching employees to safe and appropriate job positions

     • Increases worker productivity

     • Prevents injuries

     • Collects baseline medical and functional capabilities for comparative analysis in the event of an injury

WorkSTEPS identifies and documents any pre-existing conditions and determines an employee’s overall safety to perform specific jobs. Implementation of the WorkSTEPS Program has enabled hundreds of industries to significantly reduce work place injuries and injury-related costs.

Components of the WorkSTEPS Employment Test include:

     • Musculoskeletal evaluation, including range of motion, strength, posture, and joint integrity.

     • Cardiovascular measures, including blood pressure and heart rate.

     • Strength evaluation of the back and extremities, with assessment for deficits and /or abnormalities.

     • Job specific components and job simulations, including instruction in proper body mechanics and lifting               techniques.

Following completion of the test, results are entered into the WorkSTEPS database, which generates a profile of each individual employee in relation to the physical demands level of each specific job. In the event of a future injury, the report also establishes the baseline medical and functional capabilities of the employee for comparison to future, post-injury data.

In addition to the post-offer functional employment testing, we also offer pre-employment drug screening services.

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