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Now Located at 507 Huck Finn Shopping Center between Hibbett Sports and Anytime Fitness.

About Us

Our Mission

Our life's work is getting you back to your life.

Orthopedic Physical Therapy​

We provide treatment for all ages.  Our clinic treats everything from back and neck pain to knee and shoulder surgery.  We provide compassionate, cutting edge, and personal care to get you back to enjoying life. 

Pediatric Physical Therapy

We provide treatment to children with all types of developmental delays,

Treatment for balance 

Numerous conditions affecting your balance can be effectively treated with physical therapy

Sports Medicine

We provide free injury assessments and have a great deal of experience with all types of athletic injuries from ankle sprains to ACL reconstruction.  We will get you back in the game.

Industrial Medicine

We offer work steps pre-employment screening and physical demands analysis,  Functional capacity evaluations, work hardening and conditioning programs.  We have worked regularly with over 10 local employers to improve safety, reduce injuries and decrease costs.

Today is my last session with Krystal after my double knee replacement. I will miss my time with her. I know 

I would not have achieved the recovery I have today without her help, encouragement and understanding. 

I recommend her and First Choice to anyone in need of caring physical therapy.


First Choice Physical Therapy is the best in Hannibal. John and I have had 

excellent care there by Bryan and Krystal and their staff. Kind and caring. 

Highly recommend them for all your PT needs.


Please call for a free consultation